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Participant Information

This study involves three types of participants:

Artistic impression - two children in front of Mount Batur, Indonesia


Young people with disability, who are enrolled or recently completed Year 10 in a mainstream school in Queensland.

A child riding a bike along the path. An adult is behind the child. Artistic impression, black, white, blue and red image.


Parent, caregiver or legal guardian of student taking part in the study.

Note that parents AND students must sign the above consent form.

Artistic impression of a teacher in a classroom. Teacher is standing and students are sitting on the floor.

School Staff

A school staff member (teacher, Head of Year, Guidance Officer) who is involved in the SET planning, or transition planning process for the student.

If you are a staff member in a school wanting to take part in this study, please get in touch directly with our team via the button below.

Do you have any questions about participating?

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