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About the Research Team

Photo of researcher, out of focus beach background.

Lara Maia-Pike is a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In this study, Lara is being mentored and supervised by Professor Linda Graham and Professor Suzanne Carrington.

More about Lara

Hi! I was born in Brazil and have been in Australia for 21 years. I have two gorgeous and playful boys who are still in primary school. Both my boys are autistic. We moved from Melbourne to Brisbane in late 2015 to stay closer to my husband’s family.

I am a higher education equity practitioner – for the past 14 years I have worked in universities supporting students transitioning into uni and in outreach programs encouraging high school students to think about their post-school options. In my current role, I design workshops for high schools in low socioeconomic areas and train pre-service teachers (current university students in teaching degrees) to deliver the workshops. I love working with young people and feel very passionate about equity and inclusive education.

I am involved in advocacy through organisations such as the Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education and CYDA. I am a HDR member of The Centre for Inclusive Education.

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